Thursday, April 11, 2013

Green Tea Latte - Make it Yourself!

Green Tea Latte

So I've been on a green tea latte kick lately.
I love Green Tea (aids in digestion, 
so ask for a cup of the real stuff with that 
heavily earthy taste at your next Asian stop!)
and I also love milk [& honey] in my tea,
so now I can have the best of both worlds
in this silky, dreamy mix.

 Tazo tea, a division of Starbucks
is the brand of chai/green tea used by SB in their tea lattes
and when I recently visited my sister-in-law, 
she said she makes herself and Kenny (my brother) 
Chai Tea Lattes at home now
using Tazo's own Chai Tea Latte mix 
(available at Target and other fine retailers, ha ha!)
Affectionately nicknamed "Boo Tea Latte' 
by this loving wife, she serves these up warm
 to Ken every morning before work
filling a mug 1/2 with chai tea mix and 1/2 soy milk
 (or whatever milk you prefer
cow, almond, coconut - whatever floats your boat).

Hmm, I thought....
Wish I liked those! 
(The only chai tea latte I like is
Babylon Bean's Vanilla Chai Tea Latte -
I swear, they put a little crack in it.
Highly addictive!)
Shout out to my girl Katie, who knows JUST how I TAKE it! :)
 I find Tazo's Chai Tea Latte mix
a little too Chai'ish for my liking 
[Does that make sense? Ok, no.]
I don't know what it is, its just too strong!

Fast forward to me at the grocery store in D.C 
- and lo and behold -
Tazo makes a Green Tea Latte Mix TOO [!]
Mmm hmm.
Go ahead and get excited.
I throw it in my cart because there is no way 
in hell it's not coming home with me
especially with the shiny 'NEW' label on the front
[those labels literally call out to me]
and head to check out.

The next morning, 
I fill 1/3 of my coffee cup with the concentrate
 (I don't like it too sweet, so I always go easy on the mix)
 and fill the rest with 2% milk.
I warmed it in the microwave for 1 minute
and I could swear I heard cherub angels playing
a flute melody as I drank it.
This green tea latte is a sweet melody of 
Green Tea + Silky Milk + and Honeydew Melon.
Go buy it.
The carton will cost you $4-5
 and will make 5-10 lattes 
depending on how heavy-handed you are with the mix.

1. 1/3 part Tazo Green Tea Latte Mix
2. 2/3 part Milk
3. Pour over ice OR gently heat in the microwave.
4. Sip & enjoy! 

Make a delicious green tea latte, hot or iced.

Not one to stand on ceremony, matcha green tea breaks with tradition and elopes with honeydew melon and tropical fruit. They sail off into the eastern sunset and live deliciously ever after. Just blend with milk to enjoy hot or iced and create a love story of your own.

A soothing blend of traditional green teas, flavored with honeydew melon & other luscious fruits. Enjoy this with: Slices of melon and a smooth start to the morning.

Tasting Notes: Rich, smooth, melon.

Find more on it here.
Forewarning: If you are used to Starbucks Green Tea Lattes,
this mix tastes nothing like it.

It's more fruity (heavy melon notes) and pre-sweetened,
so unfortunately you don't have much control over that
(but you can dilute it with more milk).

Definitely worth a try, though! :)



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