Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pinstripes are SO back!

Spring Training is in session
and baseball season is just around the corner,
which can mean only one thing...

Victoria Secret is going to find a way
to monopolize on my Yankee pride
and suck some more money out of me
with their new 2013 
MLB Collection.

It's bad enough they have a Yankee line
(because I physically can't control
myself when it comes to anything NYY)
but they have to reinvent the collection
each season so I have to buy NEW items?
What. the. heck.

My Yankee obsession + V.S Angel V.I.P Credit Card=
No Bueno.

Anyways, I regret to
inform my bank account
the new line is out.
Yay for Yankee fans.
Nay for #shopaholics.

Head over to 1. Victoria Secret,
2. pick your favorite team
(I've linked you there- you're welcome!)
which will be Yankees, naturally
( I'm so glad I'm here to
steer you in the right direction!)
and 3. get your new pinstripes gear,
my lady Yankee fans. :)

I already have EVERYTHING
from the last 3 seasons
(I WISH I was being melodramatic)
So I'll only be grabbing 
a few pieces this collection,
unless they release new items mid-season
(which they often do 
when they sell out of other items).

Here are MY picks:

Love this sequined tank for the summer!


This bandeau bra is the perfect
[undercover] accessory to low cut
or off the shoulder Yankee tanks!


Yoga lovers - this is a must have!


And of course this wouldn't be an 
official Victoria Secret blog post
unless I called attention to 
their fabulous perfume line.

I love the 
"Sexy Little Things"
perfume line
and this one,
is one of my all time favorites!
Who wouldn't want to display this on 
their dresser?
So pretty!

I also stumbled on two new ones --
now they haven't been scent-approved by me
so I can't vouch for them,
but I am loving the presentation.
I plan on checking them out and investing 
(if they smell as beautiful as they look) 
in my next V.S visit,
but if you've smelled them,
feel free to leave your feedback 
in the comments below.

A glamorous flirtation. Sexy as can be. Show you’re irresistible in Tease Please Eau de Parfum, a playfully seductive blend of bergamot, pink orchid and Brazilian wood. Spray on for scent that lingers.

VS TIPS + TRICKS: For longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Sexy Little Things Tease Please Scented Body Lotion.

  • Fragrance type: Fresh
  • Notes: Bergamot, pink orchid and Brazilian wood
  • Domestic
  • 50 ml/1.7 fl oz

A little bit of flirtation. A whole lot of sexy. Be the ultimate Heartbreaker in this eau de parfum from our Sexy Little Things fragrance collection. A bold blend of honeysuckle, vibrant bergamot and vetiver. Spray on for scent that lingers. 

TIPS + TRICKS: For longer-lasting fragrance, layer with Sexy Little Things Heartbreaker Scented Body Lotion.

  • Fresh
  • Notes: Honeysuckle, vibrant bergamot and vetiver
  • Domestic

Have to include this cute makeup case as well!



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