Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Fabulous & Baroque.

Ha, ha.
I love that website title -
clever, isn't it?

So this website "Fabulous & Barroque"
has me all sorts of crazy.

For one, its insanely pricey.
You will get a good laugh and/or be highly entertained
when I post some of the prices next to the items 
(if you're not laughing, then you are probably rich [and snobby!]
 and I don't want to be your friend).
Secondly, some of the furniture is so ornate, so over-the-top that 
you wonder who can furnish their house with this stuff
and look themselves seriously in the mirror ...
unless of course you are Marie Antoinette (deceased)
or Queen of England (almost deceased).

But, that doesn't take away from the fact it's
(the adjective, not the rapper).

My adorable friend Vanessa
is in the midst of moving into a new apartment
and wants to decorate her bedroom in this style,
(this is how I stumbled on the website)
so we would love you to leave any stores/websites
you know that carry Baroque furniture or decor,
in the comments section below. 
Don't be shy - Say hi! :)

Here are some of my favorite pieces from their site,
from crazy candy-colored chairs to
 lavishly upholstered boudoir bed frames
- and everything in between -

White + Black Combo


I love this - it might be my favorite piece from the website.
Strong Baroque style, but very versatile.


This chair comes equipped with a butler, bon-bons,
and an eject button.
All for the ripe price of, well - you can read.


I always loved the look of these at the end of a bed.
I don't know what they're for exactly -
maybe your maid or butler to sleep on
so when you ring a little bell, they aren't too far
away to deliver you tea, fluff your pillow, deliver you U.S Weekly, or --
(sorry, I don't know where I was going with that)
all I know is I love them.
I have one in black in my walk-in closet
and it was $1999 - errr, $19.99.

Next on the list - candy coated furniture...
You've now stepped into Willy Wonka's
(listen as you scroll, it makes it more dramatic!)

Candy Colors


I picture Marie Antoinette draped over the side, don't you?
Stop it right now!
This chair is fit for a Queen.

Also in the blue theme, I am all over this area rug.
Probably the most modestly priced and traditional you'll 
find on the site - it's just elegant... and I love the pattern! 


I love the candy colored stripes.
And yes, to anything French (except the people!)
It's a limited-edition, so you KNOW it's good! ;)


Who said all that glitters is not gold?
Fabulous and Baroque called...
they want to have a word with you.


I love floral patterns (we know this)
and my favorite color would feel cheated if I didn't 
include at least one furniture piece in which it was featured.
That would be a lime crime. 

Black is Beautiful


No regal bedroom is complete without a fancy vanity -
add a few decorative perfume bottles and powder
and VOILA -
instant Prima Donna.
Who said vanity was fair?


I like that tufted look a lot - it just looks like WEALTH. 
And I'm a fan more of the silver accent than gold (see: vanity above).
It just softens it up somehow.

Snow White



Love it even more in white! (see: blue above)
When I'm wealthy, I'll have this in the corner of my in-house library.
A girl can dream!

Silver Fox

Fancy Schmancy.
If Queen Elizabeth II doesn't own that,
she should.

Hope you enjoyed the website sneak peek...

Check out 


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