Thursday, October 11, 2012

Like Warm Apple Pie

There is a first time for everything...
and well, 
tonight I baked my first apple pie.

Well Apple Crumb to be exact.

First of all, you can't bake without a cute apron on.
Thats rule #1.
Apron courtesy of my beautiful sister-in-law Stephanie :)
Channeling my domestic goddess.
The recipe I found was easy enough and can be found here:
Use Granny Smith apples - they are tart and crisp and practically begging to be baked.
Mom gave me this apple corer for Christmas one year and I thought
"When the heck am I ever going to use this?"
And now I know. :)
The filling of cinnamony goodness.
Topping now in place. She is ready for the oven!
Why is the pie a she you ask?
Because do you see the pie being male? I rest my case.
Besides a few minor hiccups along the way
( like finding the shell of a larva in my brand new flour - thats always a nice surprise!)
and having to go back to the grocery store for more flour - 
which I had a small meltdown about because:
 1. I didn't want to go back out.
  2. that was a brand new, really good, bag of flour from Trader Joe's!
 3. I hate worms. Any and all kinds. ESPECIALLY in my flour.

AND using a zester for the first time
(and zesting my knuckle - thats always a good time!)
I made it through fairly unscathed
(my knuckle might say otherwise.)
Don't worry - my skin didn't make it into the pie.
The recipe didn't call for Rachel zest, just orange and lemon.
I can say I baked an apple pie!
(If you say it doesn't count because its apple crumb, 
I go back into the garbage pail, find the unhatched larvae,
and bake you a nice little slice!)

Ok- now I go babysit my oven 
and my sweet little masterpiece.
My mouth is already watering over just the smell.
Ahhh, just something about the scent of cinnamon in the Fall...

My first apple pie - so proud!

Here she all her glory.

Final Product. 

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