Friday, March 30, 2012

It's Tea Time!

I recently went to a lovely little tea house
with family on a recent trip to Virginia and fell in love
 with a new brand of tea I'd love to share -
  Mighty Leaf Tea.

The tea house - called Tea Time Tea Room
was tucked into a pocket of Virginia called Gainesville.
They gave us full tea service in our own private room
adored in jewels and dripping with pink -
 it was so quaint, feminine, and super sweet! :)

Accompanying our fabulous tea were white chocolate raspberry scones,
the plumpest, most delicious chocolate-covered-strawberries I've ever seen/tasted,
little finger sandwiches of chicken salad and cranberries,
and shortbread cookies.

The tea line - Mighty Leaf  Tea was delicious.
Mmm - I want some just thinking about it.
I sampled the Vanilla Bean and the Mint Chocolate Truffle,
but Mighty Leaf Tea's website (link above) is chock full of selection -
 flavored black, decaf, whites, and greens!
Definitely a fan....

The decor and ambience of the place was so charming,
the staff friendly and poised to please,
and lots of little tea goodies and trinkets to peruse
in the storefront on your way out.
(I got the cutest tea set, ever!!!)

I give it my highest rating:
Check out their "Chocolate Lover's Tea" on April 27th...
(advertised on website homepage)

I'm already booked! :)

Everything was amazing- we will definitely be back...


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