Friday, February 3, 2012

Hot Latin Nights...

So last night, Mom and I went to Four Food Studio in Melville for a date. :)
Well - we had no idea what we were walking into - Thursday is apparently Salsa Night,
 a party hosted by Silvana Diaz & Alfred Pena...
a night filled with Latin inspired dance and a latin inspired menu.

Quite frankly - I think this blog will be a better experience for you
 if you click the video below now,
ya know - just to get you in the mood ;)

There. Much better.

All dolled up for Four :)
So Mom and I get all dolled up, because you don't show up at Four any other way and we are immediately drawn in by the ambiance and music. There was Latin flare in the air.

Mom & I: Date Night at Four Food Studio, Melville NY.

I love the look of the room "Winter" - with its glowing fireplace as the room's centerpiece.

Mom and I sat in Autumn, which was nice because we had a perfect view of the dance floor 
and live entertainment throughout dinner once the salsa dancing started.

Now I've taken some salsa lessons before - I am not saying I'm a pro by any means,
but I've got rhythm and I can move. 
I might be newly inspired to go back and finish what I started years ago.
Hmmm, might have to add that to my bucket list 

Back to our dinner date.
The menu of course was Latin-inspired as well.
Winter mojitos (are mojitos Latin-inspired? Just googled it - they originated in Cuba. That's a yes.)
Trying out my "Winter" Mojito - made with maple syrup, giving it that warm, wintery feel.
Mom tasting her favorite drink at Four, the Lychee Martini :)
We had a 3 course Prix Fixe menu:
(which btw is French for Fixed Price -prix 'price' and fixe 'fixed)

Appetizer: fresh guacamole and tortilla chips to start
and a delicious white bean soup with truffle oil and crispy onions - not on the Latin menu,
but equally as delicious...

Dinner: Beef fajittas with the works - rice, beans, and diced tomatoes

 Dessert:  Warm crispy apple empanadas with vanilla ice cream and candied nuts.
Crazy good.

And of course my favorite part - Four's signature if you will,
Cotton Candy with the check :)

It was a lot of fun.
We need do this more often!

Now....about those salsa lessons. ;)


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