Thursday, February 2, 2012

25 Things to Do in 2012 - UPDATE 6-18-12

This is my bucket list for 2012.

What is yours?

It doesn't mean I won't accomplish more, it just means I won't accomplish any less :)
  1. Learn to Knit.
  2. Run another half marathon. Divas Half Marathon '12 - Myrtle Beach, S.C (2:02:48)
  3. Join a gym and learn kickboxing.
  4. Host a tea party (not a political one - one with pretty cups, tea, and tea sandwiches!)
  5. Go on a romantic picnic.
  6. Create a video in iMovie.
  7. Pay my CC off, completely (3K)
  8. Go skydiving.
  9. Crochet a blanket - one thats not crooked and has some new stitching.
  10. Find a teaching job! 
  11. Build a small garden. (Fresh herbs a MUST)
  12. Read 12 new books (minimum of 1/month for the year) Update: 5 of 12 completed: Bereft: A Sister's Story by Jane Bernstein, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins , DollHouse by Kardashians, Heart of the Matter by Emily Giffin, Shades of Grey by E L James.
  13. Take the GRE's. Pass them.
  14. Learn to use my BBQ - so I am more self-reliant.
  15. Go camping this summer.
  16. Attend a Jones Beach concert.
  17. Host a sleepover party - "Glamazon Weekend"
  18. See at least 2 Broadway plays/musicals. Update: 1 of 2 completed: Spiderman: The Musical.
  19. Buy something designer that I can't afford (pay cash for it - yes, I'm aware of #7!)
  20. Apply to a doctoral program.
  21. Travel out of the country - see something new.
  22. Pray more.
  23. Dust off a snowboard, get on a mountain, and just let GO.
  24. Take a cruise around Manhattan. Update: Circle Cruise Line, 3 Hr. Full Island Tour
  25. Go white water rafting.

Whatever you choose to do, inspire to be better.



  1. You (again) have inspired me!....Im going to make a 2012 bucket list too....I love you, admire you and cant wait to see you!

    xxoo, Your Fav Aunt

  2. I am willing to knock out most of this years to do list with you. I will not sky dive, but I will hold the video camera from below!


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