Friday, April 15, 2011

You know you're in London, England when...

When I visited London a few months ago, I compiled this list of language differences that I found quite entertaining while visiting... a little outdated, but still worth posting!


1) You don't use the bathroom, you "go to the loo!"

2) You don't ride the bus, you ride the "coach".

3) Their underground railway system is not called the subway, so don't ask where the nearest one is...ask for "the Tube"!

4) When you are exiting the Tube, you aren't warned to watch your step - you "MIND THE GAP!" This is the space in between the Tube and platform at the station.

5) At the theatre (which I had the pleasure of visiting several times during my stay!) the halfway point of a show is not known as intermission (as we know it here in the U.S), but the "Interval".

6) You don't wait in line, you wait in "queue". 

7) Be careful when you ask for "cream tea" - you will get more than you bargained for!  This is not just simply tea with milk (cream), you will receive full tea service complete with scones, clotted cream (not for me!) jams, etc.

8) You do not ride the elevator in your hotel, you wait for the "lift".

9) You do not ride on the highway, you ride on the "motorway". Similarly, don't look for signs leading you to the parking lot- you'll never find park in the "car park".

10) You don't talk on your cellphone, you talk on your "mobile phone".

11) Need a new pair of kicks? You won't be buying sneakers here, you'll be buying "trainers".

12) Have a boo boo on your finger? No problem - however you won't find Band-Aids ANYWHERE! You'll need to ask for "plasters".

13) If you're not confused enough - try and get these straight!  If you're looking for potato chips, you'll need to find "crisps", potato chips are actually french fries!  Looking for cookies? Nope, you'll need to go in search of "biscuits" if you're having a sweet tooth!

14) At the grocery store, you won't find arugula in the salad section, its called "rocket" here.  Oh, and its in every salad/sandwich/panini/etc you will eat here! Must be a favorite around these parts!

15) If you're changing your infant, you won't be changing their diaper, you'll be changing their nappies! 

16) Don't look for any sort of logical explanation for this one: its not math here, its "maths". As in "I do maths well!" What in the hell?!?

17) Don't look for sidewalks here, they're called "footpaths".

18) If you are hungry after your meal, don't look for the "dessert" section of the menu because you won't find it. Desserts are called "Afters".

19) You don't fill up with gas here, you fill up with "petrol".

20) Looking for candy? Ask for "sweets" - although if you saw most of their smiles here, you would say their teeth probably could do without!  Nope, "bangers and mash" is not what you're thinking! You will just get some plump sausage and mashed potatoes!

Oh yeah, and they drive on the left side of the road - so you probably will want to look right, then left when crossing the street! That could end a tourist visit real quick! 

 What a great trip with my mom and little sister! <3
London, England- 2011....officially checked off my traveling list!

xo, Rachel

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