Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Hair: Goldwell Products

My hair is well on its way to a major comeback
so I am giving credit where credit is due...

Goldwell Products have really helped me get my hair back into the condition it was before
the hair catastrophe of '09. 

The short story is this:
I've been a blonde all my life.
I got a little antsy (as all us girls do) and wanted change.
I've always wanted to see how I looked as a brunette and I took the plunge in late '08.

Below: Brown locks, Nov 2008

It was fun for a few months, but blondes definately have more fun (no disrepect brunette bombshells!)
When I tried to go back, ummm, lets just say things didnt go as planned.
When I told the idiot doing my hair (what!? she wasss!) that I wanted to be blonde again,
she literally tried to make me blonde that day.

If you know anything about hair (which she apparently didnt or wanted to ruin  my social life- one or the other)
you know this is nearly impossible.
Going from a chocolate-cherry color to platinum blonde is a multi-step process,
it doesnt happen overnight.
In any case - yup, she did the unthinkable.
She stripped my hair to pull up the brown (a damaging process to begin with) and then left me with bleach on my head for almost an hour.
The end result: orange straw!

Below: Dr. Suess-esque Orange Hair, seriously - what would you call that color?

Below: Hiding out in my Manhattan apt after being sent home with this freakishly weird color...
I dont leave hair salons crying very often. That day...I did.

It took me months to grow my hair into something that resembled human hair again!
I began using Goldwell Products in early 2009 and have used them over a year now:
I'm really loving what I see.
Sure, my hair still has a long way to go in terms of growth (shout out to Biotin!)
but its much softer, stronger, and healthier than ever before....

Below: The good ol' days...

I use the Rich Repair line of Goldwell and I think its not only the best for damaged hair, but also has the highest "delicious smell-factor" rating!

Try the:
  • Dual Senses: Rich Repair Shampoo
  • Dual Senses: Rich Repair Conditioner
  • Rich Repair 60 Second Treatment  (2x/week) I shampoo, then towel dry my hair and leave this mask on for an hour or so under a shower cap. If you only leave it on 60 seconds, its kind of a waste. Watch a DVR'ed show and rinse it out when you're finished!
  • Dual Senses Rich Repair Hair Tip Serum (you need just a tiny bit of this on your ends, dont use at root or you are at high risk of becoming a greaseball
I've never used the leave-in serum or leave-in cream fluid that are part of that line (Dual Senses Rich Repair)  but Im sure those are great too!

If you want to buy Goldwell products and dont want to break the bank,
I recommend purchasing them online here:
I've found these prices to be almost half of what these products sell in salons!
*PLUS FREE SHIPPING (uhhh, love that!)

Hope this helps!
Wishing you happy, healthy hair in 2011,

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