Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LAUNCH DAY: "App Savvy" - a book by Ken Yarmosh

My brother Kenny just launched his 1st book today,
"App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPad & iPhone Apps Customers Really Want".
According to Mr. Yarmosh,
"I wrote it to be a field manual for those wanting to successfully launch iPad and iPhone apps into the App Store. The book details a proven strategy for taking an idea and turning it into an App Store sale. Aside from sharing my own process, there are two or three interviews in every chapter with practical insight from some of the most successful App Store publishers."
What Others Are Saying About the Book:
Whether you plan to build an app yourself or hire someone to build one for you, this book will make you smarter about the things that matter. — John Jantsch, Author of Duct Tape Marketing and The Referral Engine
* Focus on making apps that people enjoy using and want to tell their friends and colleagues about. Having customers evangelize your app is far more important than a short-term purchase spike. — Justin Williams, Founder of Second Gear Software
What really impressed me is the attention to the smallest details Ken put in describing often underrated stages like “idea evaluation” or the importance of hiring the right team. — Federico Viticci, Editor of MacStories
Ken has outlined a comprehensive and well-grounded soup-to-nuts strategy for any company looking to create value via mobile apps; he makes for a great sherpa navigating this terrain. — Navin Ganeshan, Chief Product Strategist at Network Solutions
Where you can buy his book:


More about Ken Yarmosh:

Ken Yarmosh is a mobile impresario, O’Reilly author, and entrepreneur based in the DC area.


From his website:

* Although I've been blogging (and writing) prior to there even being “blogging software,” I started this site (originally at technosight.com) in mid-2005. It served then, as it does now, as a place to share my thoughts on digital technologies. I’ve reinvented it several times since then and the focus has shifted, based on my personal and professional interests. I expect that trend to continue.

* Over the course of my career, I’ve created amazing digital experiences with a diverse set of clients ranging from some of the biggest personalities in media to the hottest tech startups. My current focus is the mobile market and creating apps but I’ve been working in the digital space for over a decade. If you want to launch an awesome mobile experience on the iPad, iPhone, Android, or other mobile platform get in touch with me. Also, don’t be shy if you need help with other digital work, especially all things related to the Web.

* My specific expertise comes from a decade of hands-on technology experience, as well as academia, where my focus was on entrepreneurship, technology management, and more generally, the Web and Internet (B.A. in Computer Science from Boston College; M.S.E. in Telecommunications and Networking from the University of Pennsylvania).

* I’m extremely active in the startup community and was an early organizer of the DC Lean Startup Circle. I currently have a vested interest in online advertising startup Clickable. I have no other disclosures at this time.

* I plan to write many more books but I’m proud of my first one, App Savvy: Turning Ideas into iPhone and iPad Apps Customers Really Want (O’Reilly). Beyond my book and the large archive I have on this site, I have been published at Top 50 Blogs including GigaOM and Read Write Web, as well as more traditional outlets like RealClearPolitics.

Visit the App Savy website here:
Kenny's personal website @:
his proud sister
Miss Yarmosh :)
Kenny's book currently debuts at
#1 on Amazon's
Hot New Releases for its category "Computer Hardware":
#1 in Bestsellers in Handheld and Mobile Devices

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