Tuesday, October 19, 2010

House Jam Wine - luvvvin' it!

Tonight was wine night at the Dollhouse (only days that end in "y")
and John and I stumbled on a really good wine that I just had to share!


About Casabella Wine
(via their website)
New to the streetz "House Jam" has created quite a BUZZ!
The word is that House Jam has style...It's COOL....It's HIP
"The Fly Wine"
Everyone loves it and you will too, so TASTE IT but remember to CHILL IT!
Drink it Cool Baby!
House Jam is an ultra trendy POP Beverage Wine!
The Chillin' White and Smooth Red will tickle your tongue...
So throw on your favorite jam or visit the 'house jam jukebox' (songs on their website)
& sip it COLD!
Refreshing - Slightly Sweet - Light & Bubbly
This wine will get you jammin!

House Jam Wines retail for about $10/bottle,

but dont let the price fool you.

They are delicious.

Dont forget to chill 'em...

Oh and before I forget -

looking for a good drink recipe?

Their website (listed below) is chock full of delicious concoctions under

"Temp TASTEtions"

Bellini, Sangria, you name it :)


Find more about House Jam wines by Casabella (made in Italy) @:

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