Monday, May 24, 2010

Yankees vs. Sox

Below: Godiva wears her jersey with pride,
my absolute favorite little Yankee fan.

So disappointed! Last week John and I attended the 2nd game of a 2game series between the Yankees and Red Sox, which we braved the elements and sat through a 4 1/2 game like the true fans we are! :)

It was an exciting game which started out with a 5-0 lead over the Red Sux. The Yankees were coming down from a huge victory from the night before, where we came back in the 9th inning to crush the Sox and steal their pride! (What else is new?)

Joba game in to relieve CC in the 8th inning of this game and allowed 4 runs in the 8th followed by Mariano Rivera, who allowed an additional 2 in the 9th, allowing a last minute rally by the stupid Red Sox.

We had runners in scoring position in the 9th and blew it! We wound up splitting the 2game series with them, but there was no consoling John and I - who froze our asses off for 5 1/2 hrs -4 1/2 to the game and an additional hour for the rain delay to leave on a loss, which was so anticlimatic given our head start and lead for the vast majority of the game.

Red Sox fans, you still suck :)

John and I had alot of fun and look forward to more games throughout the season, but it was a quiet ride home back to West Islip...

Below: John and I, frozen at Yankee Stadium on a cold, rainy, damp night in the Bronx.

Below: We were so cold, John bought me a huge Yankee fleece blanket to keep warm and we downed $4 hot chocolates all night. He spoils me :)

We will be back Red Sox, you will not walk away with a split again! That, I PROMISE you!

Luv, Rach

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