Friday, March 19, 2010

Big Cat Coffee!

we're are all my keurig fans out there? this is my favorite site ( to buy all of my k-cups (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, chai) because they are fairly inexpensive and they have the BEST, BEST, BEST selection. If you have yet to invest in a Keurig, what are you waiting for? If you drink coffee and your sig other does not, you can brew single cups in a quarter of the time (you literally pop in a k-cup and your coffee in ready in 20 seconds) without the clean up (who has time in the morning when you are rushing out to work?) and not have to worry about measuring an exact amount or if you were like me in the past - brewing an entire pot, drinking a cup or two, and wasting the rest.

You can buy one at the actual Keurig site ( but mine is from Kohl's ( and they seem to be pretty inexpensive there, especially if you have one of their 15, 20, or 30% off coupons.

I have the Keurig Mini Brewer in White and its small, compact, and honestly does the same thing as the larger with the exception of holding the water (you have to pour water in through the top when your ready to brew) It's listed on the Kohl's site as $119, but they are always on sale and with a 30% off coupon, it came out to about $80.

Once you have your Keurig, you need your k-cup coffee source! They sell the k-cups (the pods you insert into the Keurig) in a variety of places - Target, Kohl's, Bed Bath & Beyond (etc) so they are fairly easy to find, but they always have limited selection (regular, decaf, hazelnut, french vanilla) and I love the wild, crazy *seasonal*, limited edition type flavors, so in my searches I've found "BIG CAT COFFEE!" to have the best selection.

I have ordered from them for the past year and I am really happy with their selection and customer service. They a) ship quickly b) have alot to choose from c) always throw in some new k-cups for free for you to sample.

My favorite feature of the site is that most k-cups come in 18 or 24 packs (meaning 18 or 25 of the same flavor coffee) and this site actually allows you to create what is called a "Purrr-fect Pack" which allows you to choose packs of 5 so you can choose up to 5 different types of coffee in one pack (5 X 5=25) - pretty cool! Again, the website is:

Here are a few of my favorites that come highly recommended:

- Green Mountain, Limited Edition: Golden French Toast

-Green Mountain, Limited Edition: Island Coconut (the best for summer!)

-Bigelow, French Vanilla Tea

-Gloria Jeans, Swiss Chocolate Almond (I dont even like chocolate coffee, but this is AMAZING!) My boyfriend and I can drink endless amounts of this.

Green Mountain, Caramel Vanilla Cream

Green Mountain, Wild Mountain Blueberry (a favorite, delicious!)

Green Mountain, Limited Edition: The Perfect Peach (sounds weird, but add vanilla creamer for the perfect peaches & cream treat!)

-Timothy's Sugar Bush Maple

Email me at if you have any further questions.

Hope this helps [!]



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