Monday, December 9, 2013

Rachel's November Favorites

Better late than never,
here are my November retail favorites....
you can find details on the items
I've listed right below! :)

1. Loving this Victoria Secret pink leopard bra. Meow! :)

2. 'After Midnight' is the newest to Victoria Secrets perfume collection - and the scent is now available in both candle and oil form...oh, boy! ;)

3. I have an obsession with both polka dots and bows, so naturally I fell in love with this little  ring. So cute.

4. This adorable sparkly gold romper almost made it to my closet - I came close to buying it for Thanksgiving, but opted for another look. I still want it though! 

5. I stumbled on Lucius via Spotify and am loving all her music. I loved "Turn It Around" so much I actually made it my background blog song. Check her out!

6. Tis the season for cold hands and warm hearts, but you can warm them slightly with a pair of cutesy hand gloves for driving (I don't think thats against the rules). Nothing is worse than holding a cold steering wheel on your morning commute to work! 

7. I made Apple Cider Sangria for Thanksgiving dinner this year and it was so amazing. Its on my Pinterest if you're interested in making it on your own. I highly recommend it.

8. This iPhone cover was made for me. End of story.

9. Who doesn't love a leopard pair of Betsey Johnson boots? I love booties this time of year - throw on a sexy pair of pantyhose and these booties and Vavoom! Instant kitten status. Who said you need to dress like a grandma in cold weather? Not on my watch!

10. Lush can do no wrong in my book - check out their line Juicy. It caters to those with oily hair (which is not a problem I have) but can be used on all hair types and smells great. Win/win!

Rachel's November Favorites

Beauty product

Burberry black glove

Leather glove
$110 -

Sequin dress

Victoria s Secret scented candle

What are you loving these days?


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