Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Optometrist is In

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting
Dr. Aleksandra Wianecka,
an Optometrist right here in Babylon Village.

If you're local,
or anywhere within driving distance,
she comes highly recommended!
I promise you she is worth the gas mileage. 

I don't blog often about businesses
but when I come across one that takes
good care of their customers/patients,
I can't seem to keep my mouth shut
because I too, appreciate when
friends/family/co-workers recommend
something good to me.

There is something to be said about
word of mouth referrals.
They usually are top notch.

First off, Dr. Aleksandra Wianecka 
and I meeting was fate.
I had been complaining of eye pain in
my left eye the previous day.
It felt like something was BEHIND my eyeball.
I didn't know if it was makeup, eye confetti 
(aka glitter eyeliner - serves me right!)
or just allergies because that season 
is right around the corner for me. 
In any case, I was super uncomfortable the day before.
My eye was red, swollen from rubbing it,
tearing constantly, and I was downright miserable.
It was so irritating that at one point,
I seriously considered walking into Davis Vision
(where my eye record is on file)
and just screaming "Do something for me!" 
I wound up just going to bed early
to put an end to my eye woes.

The next day, I ran into my good friend Lisa
who works at Dr. Wianecka's office.
Come in and visit, she said when
I ran into her at our local coffee shop, the Babylon Bean.
"You know what, I will" - I said,
thinking it couldn't hurt to find out if
the doctor could find anything wrong with my eye.
It was feeling better, but definitely not 100%.

I strolled into the office on Deer Park Ave,
marked by a bright red door...
no missing that!

Her office is modern, tidy, and cozy.
She must be excellent in her field,
because the night I went in the office was alive
and buzzing with activity.

You'll start by filling out some paperwork 
to fill her in on your eye history
 and any concerns you have,
 then you'll be led into her office
for a thorough eye exam.

I tell you it was fate I ended up in her office
that evening because unbeknownst to me
 I had a left eye infection that 
needed a prescription she said.
The eye was not red or itchy any longer,
but had a thin layer of mucus on it
(not noticeable except through her scope )
signaling an infection which could 
be spread to my other eye and/or 
cause other eye complications if not treated.
Huh. How 'bout that.

I left that evening with a prescription
and a promise to come back to order new glasses
and for future contact lens orders.

Her office stocks the best of designers
and trends in eyeware.
I peeped a few fabulous pairs upon exiting,
so I will definitely be back 
to peruse her fabulous collection more.

Dr. Wianecka is friendly, professional,
knowledgeable and extremely dedicated to the field.
She is also a people person-
really connecting with her customers about
 their concerns, needs, 
and offering individualized services, plans, 
and advice completely customized 
on a client to client basis.
You can trust she will take good care 
of your eyes-
something we want to preserve
as long as humanly possible.

Don't cut corners with eye care.
and schedule an appointment today.

66 Deer Park Ave,
Babylon, NY 11702
(631) 669-3757

She is the best of the best.

Stay social with Dr. Wianecka,
so you can keep in touch 
and stay abreast of specials, offerings,
 and the latest + greatest in World of Eye Care!

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Seeing is the new Sexy.


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