Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wearing lipstick this pink is criminal!

Lime Crime has a host of deliciously pink lipsticks
that are super matte, and stay on for forever -
or at least for 3 kissy sessions with your honey, minimum.

The brand is a hidden gem
(I believe its only available online)
and if you wear pink,
you won't find more vivacious shades
than here on this site.

Here are my favorite shades of pink:

This bright pink is my go-to,
its a little LOUD initially,
but after a few cocktails its perfect
and leaves your lips stained pink
long after its rubbed off...

This pink is more of a baby pink,
and looks weird if you have too much of a tan,
so it works well with fairer skin shades
(eh hem, myself!)
If you're too tan, it almost looks 
white and thats so not ok.
I often mix it with Countessa 
and together, they make the perfect shade.

Geradium is a great summer shade,
perfect for a picnic or day out on the water.
Its similar to this Nicki Minaj shade
that I'm currently obsessed with,
so it's a winner in my book! :)

I love this color,
it's a staple in my lipstick wardrobe for Fall,
but you can definitely pull it off in the Summer as well.
I would wear it on a night out,
or as your solo piece of beach makeup
(rock the shades, and you're good!)
Benefit: It makes your teeth look super white!

Also, they just launched a new shade,
which came out July 15th.

Looks like a cool, peachy color.
Wonder if the inspiration for the ad and shade title
came from this book 'White Girl Problems'-
remember Babette? 
Of course you do. She's unforgettable. 

For makeup artists,
they have a variety of funky colors-
from lavender to aqua, from jade to black.
I am sure they can be used for more artistic looks
or whatever freaky stuff you're into.

Check them out!
Lime Crime Makeup


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