Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Current #Obsessions: 7.10.13

Super annoying. And rude!
(on Mother Nature's part.)

Trying to enjoy a nice summer here.

Anyways -
in no particular order,
here are some of my latest infatuations & fixations.

1. I've been raving like a lunatic about coconut water since, like, it was invented. Everyone knows my obsession with Coco Cafe, which combines my passion for coffee with my love for coconut water in one HUGE furious whirlwind of emotion. So naturally, I want to make love to this recipe. O.M.G.  I found it on Pinterest - and no, I don't just like it because its PINK and in a MASON JAR! Don't try and PIN the PINNER. #Owned.

2. In my next life, I am coming back as Emily Maynard. Helll-lo. The Bachelorette, Season #8?! But if you can't BE Emily Maynard right this second, the next best thing is to dress like her and/or take her style advice, which is why I'm all over her new blog. It's actually under my favorites (right hand column on THIS blog!) Her blog is nothing serious or deep, just lots of girly- girl fun. Why do I like her so much? Well she's sweet, down to earth, and BLONDE for one (gotta support!), she's a Christian, she lives in Charlotte, N.C (current residence of the Yarmosh fam), AND I really admire the fact she is a single mom not settling! Anyways, her new jewelry line from Towne & Reese drops today, July 10th - available both on her blog and on the jewelry site itself. I am definitely buying a few pieces, and on my next trip to Charlotte - Towne & Reese is on the MUST VISIT list! Happy Shopping! :)

3.  I am Flip'pin out over Chobani's new line of yogurt called Flips! They are delicious and come in all sorts of flavors, my favorites being Key Lime Crumble (key lime yogurt with graham pieces and white chocolate chips) and Almond Coco Loco (coconut yogurt with sliced almonds and dark chocolate pieces). I've had them all though, you can't go wrong with ANY of them. Ridiculously good! 

4. So I am juicing AGAIN on July 17th! You can read about my 1st experience with the Cooler Cleanse here. This time I went with BluePrint's line of juices, just to mix it up and try something new. My friend Laura talked me into the Level 2 Cleanse - where I believe 50% of juices are GREEN....brave of us, don't you think? If you 'like' their FB page, RECOVERY20 will get you 20% off an order up until July 12th! Happy Juicing! 

5.  I just made these Blood Orange Bloody Mary's over the 4th of July Weekend and people are still raving about them. Really delicious and easy to make! If you like Bloody Mary's - you must try this new twist on a classic recipe! 

6. So I know I rave about Emily Maynard a lot, but her blog just got some slight tweaks in design that I love and had to point out! How adorable are the cartoon inspired editions? Very cute and girly. Try and contain your excitement. I know, not everyone is as obsessed with blog design as I am: blog dork alert!!! Are you sick of hearing about her blog yet? Ok, GOOD! Me NEITHER! :)

7. Speaking of websites, have you guys checked out my favorite boutique Ooh La La's new website? They recently launched their new website and took on a new model. She looks familiar.... Oh heyyy, it's just me! Stay tuned for some of my favorite looks coming up in * July *

8.  I recently ran the Color Run Brooklyn (7/8/13) , which was ridiculously fun (but HOT!). Check out my Color Run Brooklyn FB album to see all the photos of the fun!

9. Are they serious with this article? 30 Signs You're Almost 30 Ha, ha. I have noooooo idea what they are talkinggggg about. *stamps feet* *slams door* August 31 [1983] - just more than a month away... but hey, who's counting?!

10. Lucky Charms are my weakness. I specifically don't buy them because I just pick out the marshmallows like a 5 year old with no self control. But umm, I might have to make an exception for these Lucky Charms Rice Krispy Treats. Are you _ _ _ _ _ _ _ kidding me?!?!?

What are you obsessing over these days?


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