Thursday, April 25, 2013

There's Beauty in Walking Away.

I recently had to walk away from something that 
literally tore me up inside to walk away from...
especially because it started out so promising,
and also because there was a friendship before 
there was anything else.

I know. Messy.

Thankfully it wasn't too long-lived
before I realized the person either 
a) didn't know what they wanted and was taking me along for the ride
or even more hurtful to think of
b) intentionally misleading me (i.e telling me one thing and their actions spoke differently)
It doesn't matter either way.
The heart doesn't know one from the other.
It hurts the same.

But the only thing that I could think of that
would be more painful than leaving,
way staying.

And that's the God's honest truth,
or we might still be hovering in that blurry, gray area
at the crossroads of "Where the heck is this going?"
and "Are you wasting my time?"

Every time I listen to Marie Digby's 
"Beauty in Walking Away" 
I think about the courage it really takes to walk away.
No one wants to be lonely -
we as humans thrive for companionship.

But at what price?

There IS beauty in walking away.
I'm not just talking about relationships, 
but in any situation where its easier to stay, 
but you know in your heart
something just isn't right, something just doesn't fit.

I never want to be in a relationship
I have to TALK the person into -
I can't think of a worse feeling
and I pity the person who thinks they 
can't do better than that.

Demand more for yourself- of yourself. 

Hat tip to all the girls (and guys - this is not a gender bias post)
 courageous enough, wise enough,
and brave enough to walk away, BEFORE the fallout.

It's not always easy.
But go with your gut. It's usually right.


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