Saturday, April 20, 2013

Glamorous Races

I love running!

I started over just 2 years ago and in 2 weeks,
I'll be running my 4th half marathon in the Divas San Francisco Bay.
Pretty crazy, when you take a girl
who can barely run a mile 
and turn her into a running machine.

And that's what I feel like these days.
A running #machine.

It's kind of addicting -
a feeling I know for certain other runners empathize with.
What felt like the ultimate struggle when training for 
my very first half marathon back in October of 2011,
has turned into an escape of sorts.

I run to get away.
Physically and emotionally.
Some people are emotional eaters...
yeah, well I'm an emotional runner.

I run when I have so much happiness
I don't know what to do with it
and I run when grief overtakes me
and it feels like my heart might burst at the seams.
I run to burn off some negative energy
and I also run to re-energize myself
 *hello, endorphins! *
if that makes any sense. 

It definitely has become an outlet for me.
It sure beats taking it out on a container of Haagen-Dazs.
And my butt thanks me too. :)

The more I run, the more I find myself
wanting to encourage others to run-
see if running brings you the same kind of joy.

If running around your block or at the local track
seems boring, repetitive, or tedious-
I encourage you to sign up for races.
No race is too great or small,
and its a great way to not only meet other runners
in your area, but also to feed off the energy of the
collective group. For myself, there is no better feeling
than running the Divas Half Marathon Series
with other girls who have the same motivation,
spirit, and drive to challenge themselves.

I look left. I look right.
And the energy is palpable. 
You can feel it.

I need that. I feed off that.

Here are some races you might want to check out:
Some are girly. Some are fun and carefree. Some are themed.
How much fun can you have running?
Well, that's what YOU'LL decide.

I've run Long Island, North Myrtle Beach, and upcoming San Fran.
They are well-organized races, and so much fun! :)
P.S New to running and not up for a 13.1 challenge?
Check out their 5K's!

Check out the Color Run.
I'm signed up for the Color Run Brooklyn in June,
but races are held all over the U.S!

Forget barbed wire, fire pits, and mud.
Bring your girlfriends and challenge yourself
in this fun womens-only 5K Obstacle course.

Where are my dirty girls out there? ;)
If you don't mind getting a little dirty, 
this is a fun race for you and your girlfriends.
High-maitenance girls, need not apply.

I haven't experienced a Disney Race YET,
but I will and I've heard good things!
They offer all sorts of races at a
variety of Disney Parks throughout the year.
Def worth checking out
if your a frequent FL visitor, like myself!
And the Princess one, has my name
written all over it! =)

Black lights abound! Pretty cool stuff.
If you like themed races, this is worth investigating.

Grab your girlfriends for one of the best
all women's run in San Diego. The course is fast and flat and offers
incredible views of Mission Bay. If you're not up for the half marathon
they offer a 10K and 5K as well. 

Coming up on May 4th, 2013
Revlon's 5K Walk/Run in NYC.

Based out of Texas, but looks adorable.
Multiple races for runners of all abilities!

Hate getting dirty? Then get clean.
Run through tons of foam in this race
thats good clean fun!
Loofah not included. ;)

Ok, and one more for good luck.
Check out the 
and join other Long Island runners
for some light races (5 & 10Ks) throughout
beautiful Long Island parks.
I'll see you there!

Hope these races give you some inspiration to get out there
and run - with your pumped up kicks!

Lace up, and good luck out there!

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