Friday, March 30, 2012

You're welcome ladies...

On a recent trip to Virginia, my cousin Deanna shared
an awesome website with me that I want
to pass along to my readers...(all 3 of you, lol!)
It's called Beautypekia and as the name implies,
 it is in fact a Beauty Encyclopedia
to consult for any and all beauty purchases.

In a world that bombards us with pretty compelling advertisements, 
that I myself fall prey to all the time
(and I'm an advertising/media major
 in on all the secrets of the trade, go figure!)
it's nice to have a spot you can read about the product 
and its reviews before buying!

I want the no nonsense version of what's the best product
 on the market at the most cost effective price.
I don't  necessarily want cheap products, I want effective ones. 
So if its expensive but good, then yes - I'll buy it.
But if its crap with just a lot of hype and little results
(cough- Cindy Crawford's 'Meaningful Beauty' line)
no thanks - I'd rather save my money for a rainy day...
or spend it on a hot pair of stilettos.

Well now you don't have to use the old fashioned
guess and check method,
because guess what?
This chick (and her team) have done most of the footwork for us gals.
Of course if you're using a product and it works for you
(but the review for it on here stinks)
So what? -  simply disregard it and move on with your day.
 But I think for the most part- you will find this site pretty useful.

I've already used it a few times and have found the site legit,
its  reviews straight forward and reliable, 
and beauty advice honest.

I likey.
Thanks Deanna! :)


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