Monday, February 6, 2012

Big Blue - Superbowl Champions!

Yesterday was Superbowl Sunday and there was excitement in the air...

I bartended at the Village Idiot Pub in Patchogue
and I was riddled with anxiety the first half of my shift.
I don't know why...I just could not  get a grip on myself.
C'mon Rachel. Get it together!!

I just wanted the game to be in progress already.
I wanted to be off shift, game blaring on t.v, in the action, screaming with other lunatic fans.
What other way are you supposed to watch your favorite team come so far? 
- with so much on the line!!
When I came in at 11am to set up,
6 p.m felt so far away!

 In what felt like the longest shift ever,
 5:30 p.m finally came and I was able to attend a Superbowl party.
What an amazing game - easily the best night of my life!
(ha ha, what?! It's TRUE!)  :)
Another major upset in football history
 that came at the hands of the New York Football Giants.
God, I love that.

YES! Superbowl MVP - Eli Manning.
Read more about the upset here:
The Giants celebrate another scintillating Superbowl victory over the New England Patriots.

I mean, did you see that catch by Manningham? 
Mario Manningham catch
Rating: 4.0 / 5.0
Kinda reminded me of this magical moment in the 2007 Superbowl:
David Tyree catch
Rating: Unrated

So who wore it better (Manningham OR Tyree)?
Umm, I don't even think it matters.

We won!

Now, excuse me while I go watch ESPN replays for the next week!


 SUPERBOWL 46 PARTY PICS from 02/06/12
Chili, Pulled Pork, Spare Ribs, Wings, & Everything Else You Can Imagine :)

Giant Cheerleaders!

My little Giants girls :)

Superbowl Sunday Party 

Hot Toddy and I - Let's Go BLUE!

Half-time Pics :) P.S Madonna is HOT.

The cutest Giant fans, ever. Ha, ha

Wake up, Lisa! This is the Superbowl - act like you care! 

WHAT? Why in the world would you... (screaming at the T.V!)

We're all freaking out, holding our breathe....

Big Blue Champions - You KNOW IT! :) :) :)


This calls for a celebration - popping $100 bottle of bubbly (on Fogz' tab!)

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