Saturday, May 7, 2011

Wonderland, the Broadway Musical

        Wonderland is Wonderful.

For Ashlea's 18th birthday, I decided to surprise her with tickets to see "Wonderland" the Broadway musical.  She has been long obsessed with Alice in Wonderland, making us stop at every Alice in Wonderland souvenir shop in Oxford (home to Lewis Carroll) on our recent trip to England.  We also frequent "Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter 2" - a cute little teashop tucked away on Manhattan's East side. (

 The dollhouse-esque tea shop is popular for its homemade scones, extensive tea list, and magic fairy dust stored in tiny "Drink Me" necklaces.  From there, we did a little shopping in Times Square before the show. 

Wonderland' is set in present-day Manhattan and a timeless Wonderland. The new musical tells the story of author Alice Cornwinkle (a descendent of Lewis Carroll’s muse Alice Liddell), who is struggling with her career and her daughter, Chloe.  Alice is a children’s book writer in Manhattan who is suffering through a creative block, estranged from her husband and alienated from her daughter. It takes a trip to a strange-yet-familiar Wonderland for her to regain her life’s balance and again find the love and everyday magic that reside in us all – if we know how to look. Wildhorn’s score taps into numerous pop styles, and Murphy’s lyrics provide both wit and wisdom. 

The musical was amazing and if you haven't seen it yet - I highly recommend it! Ash and I LOVED it!

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