Friday, December 10, 2010

Secret Wonderland

So, I recently stopped into Bath & Body Works, for my usual candle run/wallflower stock up,
when lo and behold, a bedazzling new display in front.

Now I'm a sucker for anything sparkly, purple, delicious smelling, etc-
so this advertising trap had my name all over it.

I dont buy scent collections from here very often because I boast my own admirable perfume collection
(this place was my stomping grounds more so high school)
but when I smell something amazing, I have to pass it along and I really love this.

Secret Wonderland is delicious.

More about the line:

"A new fragrance by Bath and Body Works is named Secret Wonderland and it introduces a fragrant composition of delicate fruity notes of strawberry and frozen jasmine petals. Passionate aromas of strawberry and icy white petals are perfectly shaped with white amber and creamy sandalwood. Available in a flacon illustrated like a fairy-tale.

Purple and pink color on glass of the flacon are iridescent and the accentuate line of notes in the very perfume. The first drops on the skin will thrill you and surrounded with a union of strawberry, wild Goji berries and fresh raspberry. A heart intertwines floral petals of gardenia and jasmine with peach nectar. A base abounds in exotic and seductive notes of coconut musk, creamy vanilla, sandalwood and white amber."

Right now, the collection is Buy 2, Get 1 Free
Buy 3, Get 2 Free (took full advantage of that!)

You can mix and match, although the candles and wallflowers are not included in the deal ...
(they must have known I was coming in!)
Also, if you buy the perfume (perfume, not body spray!)
you get a free lotion.

To test out "Secret Wonderland" visit your local
Bath & Body Works
or purchase the collection here:

Have fun
Happy Shopping!

:) Rach

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