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The Big 'C' : Will there be a 2nd season?

I am a HUGE "Big C" fan.

Here is a great article borrowed from TV

recapping the show's final episode, and maybe things to come? ;)

'The Big C' Season 1, Episode 13 (Season Finale) Recap

                                                 by Laura Prudom, posted Nov 16th 2010

It's been a tumultuous 13 episodes, full of heartbreak, hilarity and ridiculously hot guest stars (Idris Elba and Liam Neeson? What did we do to deserve this?), but over the course of the past few months, 'The Big C' has quietly, confidently developed into one of the most satisfying -- and undeniably addictive -- new shows of the year. Our only problem now is surviving the break between seasons.

So much has happened in the past two episodes (the space of a few days in the show) that has inexorably changed the dynamic of the show going forward, and it's edifying to see the storytelling hitting its stride. In hindsight, many of the earlier episodes seemed slow because the characters were still in the dark as to Cathy's condition, but her honesty has invigorated the plotting, giving it purpose and a sense of urgency as Cathy swings between letting go gracefully and refusing to go down without a fight.

The loss of Marlene (Phyllis Somerville) last week was a crushing blow, not just to Cathy but to the audience as well, since the quirky neighbor had quickly become the heart of the show. I'm sure I wasn't the only one who was in tears by the end of the episode, watching Marlene joyfully dancing in the grass as a blissful Cathy (who was practically glowing with happiness and health) surfaced from the water of her dream pool.

Marlene did promise Cathy in her suicide note that she'd be waiting for her in the end, but we're certainly not ready to see Cathy's vision of the afterlife quite yet (since the show has thankfully been renewed for a second season).

Speaking of tearjerkers ... after Cathy and Paul had spent so much effort trying to coax some semblance of human emotion out of the stoic (typical teenager) Adam, with sad movies and Marlene's funeral, we were relieved to see him finally break down upon discovering Cathy's storage locker of birthday, Christmas and graduation gifts -- not least of all because we were bawling around the same time Adam started.

Throughout the season, Adam has been fairly insufferable, but he's also a typical kid, often subject to his mother's unpredictable and inexplicable actions. From leaving mortifying voicemails to the object of his affections to forcibly preventing him from going to soccer camp, so we can't really blame the boy for thinking that his mom had completely lost her mind.

When finally faced with her diagnosis, Adam seemed unmoved, either through shock or denial. And while Cathy's condition remained an abstract idea -- she still seemed healthy and as nutty as she's probably always been -- it was easy for Adam to ignore the severity of the situation. But when faced with a lifetime's worth of gifts, signifying milestones that Cathy knew she would miss, it suddenly became impossible for Adam to deny the immediate reality of his mother's disease, one that is terrifying, no matter how old you are.

Adam's realization that his mother wouldn't be around forever -- and possibly wouldn't even be around for another year -- was one of the most poignant and affecting moments in an already powerful show, and one that will stay with me (and hopefully Emmy voters) for a long time to come.

Sean, meanwhile, continued to have the best lines of the season, though he's now the only one in Cathy's immediate family who doesn't know about her condition. Judging by the way he reacted to her cancer fake-out earlier in the year, though, we're imagining that eventual conversation is going to be every bit as powerful as Adam's revelatory moment in this week's episode.

For now, though, he has to worry about f'ing up a baby with Rebecca -- it's either going to be the most dysfunctional child in the world, or the most enlightened. Bets on it being called Cathy if it's a girl?


The last 5 minutes of the show were especially emotional.
Anyone else cry their eyes out?
Check it out here:

Here is the song played in the background.
It's called "Lullaby" by Sia.

Guess we will just have to wait it out for Season 2.


Feel free to leave your comments about the show/episode
and feel free to post any info you have about Season 2!


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