Thursday, September 16, 2010

A& E's Hoarders

Anyone seen this show? Just watched it for the first time last night, WOW.
Its absolutely revolting...
all the while you cant take your eyes of the screen
because you cant actually believe what you're seeing.
Learn more about the show and watch episodes here:
I believe I watched Robin & Ken's stories last night.
Robin's house looked like a landfill-
they found dead cats, a room full of cat feces,
and another section of the house filled with plastic bags
of human waste (her own).
Esssentially the plumbing in the house failed and she had
been taking a crap in a bag and throwing it in a corner of her house.
For 10 years.
Below: Robin's Living Quarters
(This is NO joke. She actually lives here.)
You HAVE to see this show to believe it.
Mondays, 10pm EST

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