Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Autumn! New Fall K-Cups Are Here [!]

My favorite K-Cup distributor in the WORLD
has just released their fall coffee flavors!
Below: Save 10% on Purr-Fect Packs which let you
create your own variety pack- mixing any coffee, teas, & hot chocolate you like :)
Make sure you enter the promo code below, "FALL CAT" at check out to get your discount...
Here are some of the newest fall releases: Autumn Harvest Blend (its really good!) SEASONAL / LIMITED EDITION. This Autumn K-Cup boasts a palette of light and dark roasted coffees nearly as colorful as the Autumn leaves, this special Fair Trade blend offers brisk and smoky flavors perfectly attuned to the season. 24 cups, $10.95 http://www.bigcatcoffees.com/item.cfm?P=202 Pumpkin Spice- so fall'ish. Can't go wrong with that... SEASONAL / LIMITED EDITION. A festive blend of cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin pie, Gloria Jean's Pumpkin Spice K-Cups are autumn at its best! 24 pack, $11.95 http://www.bigcatcoffees.com/item.cfm?P=361 Perfectly Pumpkin (less spice, more pumpkin!) SEASONAL / LIMITED EDITION. The subtle flavor of pumpkin is delicately blended with gentle cream undertones and a heavenly cinnamon spice aroma, bundled up in a single K-Cup. Flavors of pumpkin, mild spices, cream and a touch of an oven’s heat make this coffee great for cozying up to a fire or a good book. 24 pack, $10.95 http://www.bigcatcoffees.com/item.cfm?P=248
Traditional Hot Chocolate,
to warm you from the inside out!
A classic favorite for all ages. Sophisticated, sweet cocoa at the touch of a button!
24 pack - Temporary out of stock.
White Hot Chocolate,
a new twist on an old favorite ;)
Imagine... decadent white chocolate infused with hints of cream and vanilla. Timothy's White Hot Chocolate K-Cups are a unique sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy.
22 k-cups, $11.95
Check out the site for more selection,
Enjoy my loves,

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