Friday, June 18, 2010

Holly's World - anyone catch it?

My past guilty pleasure? You know it...Girls Next Door.
(shhh, I know. I know!)
Well one chapter ends and a new one begins as Kendra Baskett has gone on to her own reality series, "Kendra" and Holly Madison has gone on to (drum roll please) "Holly's World" [!], which just premiered last Sunday. *
Did anyone catch it? Was it any good?
more on the show here:
Holly Madison has already conquered Hollywood, so now it’s time to make Vegas her own! The 30-year-old former Girl Next Door stars in Holly’s World, a new series about her life in Sin City and the friends she meets along the way. In Sunday’s episode, Holly’s set up on a blind date by her friends. After the evening comes to a close, Holly has a heart-to-heart with her mom about love and relationships.
Holly's World airs on Sunday evenings 10:30 EST on E!
xo Rach

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  1. immediate update: this show is DUMB :) thanks for playing!


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