Friday, June 18, 2010

Alice's Tea Cup, a favorite NYC spot of mine :)

If you've ever been to Bayshore's "Milk & Sugar Cafe" - here's the Manhattan version...
Alice's Tea Cup.
This Upper West Side wonderland serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert and rebells against the notion that tea must be confined to the afternoon, My favorite NYC tea spot boasts over a hundred teas, a takeout counter, a private party room, and enough tchotchkes to drive any Hatter mad.
visit Alice's Tea Cup online for more info:
* it's a fabulous little spot to gossip with a girlfriend over mar-TEA-nis (tea infused cocktails), or a fun spot to catch up with friends/family over a freshly brewed pot of tea and some homemade delicious scones (they have the BEST selection there, served with fresh jam & homemade whipped cream!) MMM.
be sure to try:
  • scones (baked fresh daily, varying selections) Buttermilk is the best, taste like pancakes!
  • warm lentil & bacon salad, served with a ginger vinegerette
  • paprika french fries
  • favorite teas: red fruits, black fruitsm birthday tea, rooibos coconut vanilla, summer peach,


It's even become tradition for my mom and little sister to celebrate my birthday there.
We've had brunch at Alice's Tea Cup the past 3 years in a row!
Especially fun because they serve Birthday Tea to celebrate your un-birthday :) * Below:
Mom & I celebrate my 24th birthday at Alice's Tea Cup
Below: Cousins Brunch at Alice's Tea Cup

Below: Ash & I pose outside Alice's Tea Cup, Chapter 2:
Rachel's 25th Birthday
Tea Party
Ash & I sip tea, My 23'rd Birthday

Below: John & I, enjoying a leisurely lunch, winter 2010

Below: Making a birthday wish, 25th Birthday :)

Below: adoring my little sister over some fabulous "birthday" tea

(it really is called birthday tea, and its deliciously amazing!)

On your next visit to Manhattan, stop into this Alice in Wonderland themed teahouse.

There are 3 locations in NYC - Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and Chapter 3.

Chapter 2 is the best:

156 E. 64th Street

Open 8 am to 8pm


Reservations are SO necessary...always packed!

enjoy friends,


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