Friday, March 5, 2010

Skin ID - do we like?

I am in the market for a new skin care line and I have heard good things about skin ID by Neutrogena. Has anyone else heard street buzz about this stuff? Or can recommend some good stuff that has worked wonders on them? I dont really have bad acne (other than the occasional PMS breakout) but I like taking good care of my skin because a) I dont want early wrinkles and b) I tend to either tan once/week in the winter OR be a sun-bathing beauty in the summer and I'm sure the UV rays are not kind to my 26 yr. old (& counting!) aging skin. My 16 year old sister Ashlea uses 'skinID' daily and has reported it is more gentle, works better, and smells better than Proactiv. I tried Proactiv a few times and wasn't overly impressed due to its funkalicious smell and very 'cookie cutter' approach to skin care. How do you have the same 3 products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) for everyone's skin? Everyone has different problem areas, different types of acne, and different lifestyles (that may/may not impact their skin) so I refuse to see how the 'one size fits all' 3 step process has swept the nation? Britney Spears & Jessica Simpson - c'mon girls, dont be such sellouts! (You know it wasn't that fabulous!) Anyways, I jumped on skinID's website the other day just to check it out ( and they offer a personalized acne solution (nowwww we're talkin!) for your skin. The site boasts its line works twice as fast as Proactiv and backs it by a money back guarantee (doesnt make or break my decision to try it, but just throwing it out there.) What was pretty cool is the site takes you through a "skinID evaluation" and based on about 20 different questions (everything from the type of acne you have, lifestyle, frequency of breakouts, problematic areas, etc) it comes up with a few specific products for you - your very own personalized skin care regime. I kind of like that idea. Skin care specific for MY skin. try it here:
Feel free to drop suggestions here, I am lost!
P.S I have also tried Murad (my girlfriend Karli works @ Sephora and is always introducing me to the 'creme de la creme' of beauty products) and I really liked that. I only tried the facewash, but it kept my skin nice and clear and left you with that tingly refreshing feeling that says "hi. i'm cleaning deep down as we speak!" Wouldn't mind giving that stuff another shot!
If anyone is interested in trying the skinID line, drop this code "neutrogena10" in the discount slot @ checkout for $10 off your first kit.
Enjoy my friends
Rach :)

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