Thursday, March 25, 2010

Island Coconut [can you smell summer?]

Its here, its here!
Island Coconut.

i just wanted to rub it in everyone's face that my
 "island coconut" k-cups have arrived today! 
that means for the next month or so,
 i will be in heaven from 8-9am as I slowly 
sip this coconuty goodness. 

For an extra special treat, pair it with CoffeeMate's 
"Coconut Creme" coffee creamer for a coconut explosion in your mouth. 
[I'm dead serious. it really is] 
Its like being on the beach or a tropical island, right from your couch. 
(ahh, can you see the palm trees swaying in the breeze?)

feel free to order your own batch at: 
or k-cups at:

enjoy my coffee-loving friends,

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