Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Bunny [no, seriously.]

How stinkin' cute is this? My little sister Autumn made it in the last snowstorm to hit Charlotte, North Carolina a few weeks ago.
Isn't it really good? She is only 11 yrs. old! This snow bunny sculpure is a work of art- I dont even think I could do anything in the realm. I was just so impressed and incredibly proud of her that I had to post it.
She is just so sweet, creative, and smart (she came up with her own series of short videos called "The Winter & The Waleigh Show" (You Tube it!) based off our 2 Shitzu's which are cute enough to be stuffed aniamls and she is learning to speak Greek!)
Honestly, I just adore her.
Great job Autumn =)
[you gotta give credit where credit it due]
Your big sister (meee) loves you very much <3

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