Saturday, April 3, 2010

Dad's beard gets a Spring Makeover, LOL

So I visited Dad in Charlotte, N.C over Spring Break and it seems his beard has grown. Longer, thicker, whiter. Autumn (my little sister) decided to decorate it with flowers for an updated Spring look! lol. It did get some good laughs in the park, but other than that - it makes me really sad... He is virtually wrinkle-free at 51 and without it, he looks years younger (especially since he usually dyes his hair brown) Without this "thing" taking over his face, he could easily pass for early 40's! This is my plea Dad, shave it off! We want the old Ken Yarmosh back- this is not your look. You pass only as 1) Moses, 2) A Hippie flower child (gone wrong), or a 3) Knome. Get riddddd of it! Yarmosh family- can we take this to a vote please?
Signed, a frustrated daughter.

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